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How to maintain the intelligent lock fingerprint lock in daily life

Date:2018/05/02  Click:283 times
What is the most popular in home furnishings? There is no doubt that it is smart home. What is the most popular thing in the field of smart home? The first thing that many people think of is smart locks. But the heat of intelligent lock is essentially different from the concept of smart home, because the intelligent lock has gone through the stage of concept hype, and it is entering the home of ordinary people. All say intelligent lock is expensive, so more attention should be paid to the usual maintenance, but 95% of intelligent lock users do not know how to properly maintain their own locks.

With the popularization of fingerprint lock, more and more users of fingerprint lock, the high popularity rate of fingerprint lock in the southern coastal cities, high publicity rate, the information circulation of the daily maintenance of fingerprint lock in the northwest area is less, and the following small editor tells you how to maintain the fingerprint lock.

1, in daily life, we must ensure that the fingerprint lock is clean and tidy. Check the technical state of the lock regularly, when collecting the fingerprint, the strength of the finger is moderate, please do not press it vigorously, and use the mirror cloth to wipe the fingerprints to collect the dust, because the surface will have dirt after the use of the time, and it may affect the normal use. Never use a wet cloth or clean the ball to clean the smart lock, so it is easy to damage the electroplating layer on the surface of the smart lock. An average of 3-6 months of self testing, found in time to deal with, loosening and misalignment of parts when fastening and adjustment, for some vulnerable parts to be replaced.

2, the addition of lubricating oil. Lock core, as the most important mechanical structure of fingerprint lock, can not ignore maintenance. It is found that the lock core is not very active or can not adhere to the accurate position. At this time, you should pay attention to adding lubricating oil to the lock core, spray oil with the oil gun to the lock core, and not overdose, roll the handle and knob until the door lock is stopped. When it is used for a long time, the intelligent lock is not flexible, the handle can not be back to the horizontal position, the mechanical key is not flexible and so on. It also needs to add some lubricating oil to the door lock.

3, the replacement of the battery. The smart lock will be notified at least two weeks in advance when the battery is low. Please replace the battery in time so as not to affect normal usage. If there is no power to be opened, you can use emergency charging treasure or use the emergency key to unlock.

4, the handle does not hang things. Please do not hang heavy objects on the handle. It is best not to hang anything, so that the handle will not be pressurized for a long time, which will damage the balance of the handle. Although the lock body is waterproof, please avoid contact with water or other liquids as far as possible, or immerse it in water or other liquids. If the shell is exposed to liquid or salt fog, dry it with a soft, absorbent cloth. It is also possible to wipe the dust and dirt from the fingerprint collection window with the wiping cloth, because the dirt will appear on the surface after use for a long time, which may affect the normal use.

5. Do not let the lock face contact with the corrosive substance. Although the safety of locks is the first point, viewing is also important. So never allow the locking surface to contact with corrosive substances, which will damage the lock surface protection layer, affect the gloss of the lock surface or cause the oxidation of the surface coating.

Only in the process of using the correct maintenance can effectively guarantee the effect of its intelligent fingerprint lock and prolong the service life, so the operator of the enterprise, the technician and the user must carry on the correct maintenance to the intelligent fingerprint lock.

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