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Analysis of the angle of installation of security surveillance cameras

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The installation position of the surveillance camera can be divided into: angle, depression angle and elevation angle because of different angles.

Flat angle installation: the installation height of the monitoring camera is close to the normal person's face height and fully displays the details of the facial features. It is the first choice of the installation of the monitoring camera for the building entrance and exit. The installation distance, position and height can be adjusted to achieve a flat angle during the installation of the camera. With the emergence of three axis and dual axis adjustable hemisphere surveillance cameras, most surveillance cameras can be installed near the horizontal angle by means of wall mounting. The shortcoming is that the concealment is not strong, and it is easy to damage the landscape of the scene, and is easily affected by the light environment.

Low angle installation: this installation mode often adopts top suction or lifting methods. Its advantages are convenient installation and concealment, which can avoid the direct reflection of some light. In this way, attention should be paid to the angle between the camera and the face should not be too large, otherwise the overhead screen will be larger and the facial features will be less. The drawback is to reduce the recognition rate.

Tilt angle installation: more special, mostly in some sinking square entrance, basement entrance, parking lot entrance and so on. This method is a special way chosen for on-site needs. The influence of various light sources must be taken into account in this manner. Avoid light interference. The protection of the monitoring camera should also be considered in detail. Selection of surveillance cameras should be done with more mature products for light treatment.

The above installation method is the best way to install the flat angle in practice. It can show more facial details. It is recommended that the maximum overlooking angle should not exceed 15 degrees. When the field environment is limited, in order to achieve the best effect, the installation distance can be chosen appropriately to adjust the distance between objects and realize the idealization of the angle.

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