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Analysis and purchase of visual intercom products

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ome developers or contractors always think that the imported products are better than those in China, so we should choose imported brands even if they are more expensive than domestic brands. This does not exclude the needs of some developers. If only from the point of view of technology and quality, some domestic brands have already reached or even exceeded the imported brands, and have more advantages than imported brands in many aspects, which are embodied in:

1. Capacity of visual intercom system

The size of China's residential areas is small, and hundreds of households are large, with a large number of thousands of households. Therefore, the capacity of intercom system abroad is far less than ours.

2. The environmental requirements of visual intercom system

China's development community can only be used as a bad house, the vast majority of families have to redecorate after the purchase, and the decoration of each household will cause certain damage to the system, and the cycle of all residential quarters may be up to several years. In view of this situation, the powerful companies in China put the anti breaking and anti-interference in the first place when designing the system.

3. Compatibility of visual intercom system

Due to the different requirements of the residents, the households in the same unit may have some visual, some are not required to be visible, and some require no networking now, but in the future, the network and so on, these all put forward high requirements for the system compatibility.

If the brand is a fish, the bear's paw is a good after-sales service. There are three ways to ensure the normal use of the system: first, product quality, two is engineering quality, and three is after-sales service. The visual intercom system is the most frequently used system in intelligent community, and the system is prone to malfunction due to poor environment and decoration. Because of the complexity of the networking technology, there is a problem that the general dealer and the engineering contractor can not solve. This causes the maintenance cycle to be long, and users can not use it normally during this period. After the warranty period or dealer changes, the risk of maintenance will be greater.

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