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How to select the appropriate security monitoring products

Date:2018/05/02  Click:204 times
n today's high-definition surveillance camera market, all kinds of products and brands cross, and their quality is mixed, for example, HD-SDI cameras, SDI megapixel cameras, more advanced datacore and IPSCAN security monitoring products. Such products are too numerous for consumers to buy. How to choose these security monitoring products in the era of Internet HD?

1, low illuminance

This is an important ticket for all the selected products. Many engineers and users have focused their attention on clarity when choosing millions of HD products. In fact, the light conditions of many monitoring sites are poor, so the low illumination performance of the Eagle Eagle electronic high-definition infrared camera is very high.

2, the power consumption of the product

This is also an important indicator for the selection and purchase of monitoring products. Power consumption and heat output are directly related to product stability and service life. Some devices will add stretch encoding chips and SDI optical transceivers, which will reduce power consumption. It causes heat to disperse easily, so that mechanical stability is determined.

3, the supporting equipment of the product

Because of the early high definition of digital network, the manufacturer not only provides a series of infrared cameras to the customers, such as the ordinary integrated hemisphere, color gun type camera, color brick black and low illumination camera, road monitoring camera, wide dynamic camera, infrared camera, IP address management, ultra low illumination camera, storage virtual. Dynamic management, high definition high-speed ball, constant speed ball, infrared transmission ball and a series of cameras, and the rear end of the HD decoder, mixed DVR, pure digital PDVR (or NVR) and a series of back end devices. Therefore, when choosing products, we must look at the serialization of the front end and rear end supporting equipment.

4. Price

The price of HD monitoring products is different in the market. The key to price determination is its core innovative technology. Some big brand products will guarantee excellent quality, professional production security monitoring camera manufacturers, price will be cheaper, performance will be stable, after-sales service is also good.

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