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Analysis of the characteristics and development trend of the entrance control control system

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Access control system refers to the "gate" Prohibition of authority, is the "door" guard against. The "gate" here, in general, includes all kinds of passages that can be used, including doors for people to go through, doors for vehicles, etc. Therefore, the entrance guard includes the vehicle entrance guard. In the application of garage management, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management. The purpose is not to collect parking fees, but mainly to control the access of vehicles.

The entrance entrance guard safety management system is a new modern safety management system. It integrates the automatic recognition technology of microcomputer and the modern safety management measures. It involves many new technologies, such as electronic, mechanical, optical, computer technology, communication technology, biological technology and so on. It is an effective measure to solve the problems of important departments' entry and exit. It applies to all kinds of confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, garage management, computer rooms, armoury, confidential rooms, offices, intelligent communities, factories and so on.

The development trend of the entrance control control system

The change process of traditional access control can reflect some future trends.

First, the robustness of reader technology is constantly improving. In view of the fact that tape cards are bound to cause wear and tear, non touch technology can avoid this problem. Because the material of the card is damaged and worn, or needs to be renewed or reissued, the service life of the card is limited. With the progress of technology, the new pass will be biometrics, which will solve the problem of card life. When the limitations of some existing systems are removed, the function of biometric systems is bound to rise. To make this change, biometrics must be integrated into the access control system when used.

The development trend of the second access control is decentralized control. In view of the lock and key is to control the power to the authorized person. Once the system is electronic, its control will also be distributed from the central security control system to the "intelligent controller" through a simple card reader interface. The extension of this trend is to further control the function into the card reader, or even insert it into the card. Smart cards are of great significance to the door prohibition industry. They can store a large number of data, readable and updated, provide advanced encryption and cryptography to protect stored data, and can also provide processing capabilities through a computing program.

A new specification is possible in the access system - storing the biometric and access rights data in the card and encrypting it, so that only the local reader can use the data. Biometrics will be used to interpret Carrey's data and get permission. The reader must be connected to the authorization database in some way and update the information of the card as needed. Data communication is developed from scratch, like mechanical lock system to cable system using unique protocol, to use network standard communication protocol system. With the development of data communication, the dependence on the equipment connection cable is smaller. Wireless communication is becoming more and more popular. Network services will become the cornerstone of future database dissemination information system.


Access control system is the main purpose of preventing loss and crime prevention, so it must be highly reliable. A door control system, which may not occur in most of its time, does not need to alarm, and the probability of alarm is usually small, but if the alarm system fails in this minimal probability, it often means disaster. Therefore, in all stages of design, construction and use of the entrance guard system, reliability design (redundancy design) and reliability management must be implemented to ensure the high reliability of the product and system.

Authoritative certification

In addition, in the system design, equipment selection, debugging, installation and other links, strict implementation of the relevant standards in the state or industry, as well as public security departments related to safety technology requirements, products must pass a number of authoritative certification, and have a large number of typical users, many years are running often.


Access control and security system are used to protect the safety of personnel and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security, on the one hand, refers to the natural or quasi natural attributes of the product or system, which should ensure the safety of the equipment and the system and the safety of the operator. For example, the equipment and system itself should be able to prevent high temperature, low temperature, warm heat, smoke, mould and rain, and to prevent radiation and electromagnetic interference (electromagnetic interference). On the other hand, the door control and security system should also have the function of preventing human damage, such as the protection of the shell with anti damage, and the prevention of alarm, short circuit and open circuit.


With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for access control systems, access control systems are becoming more and more widely used. The application of door control system is not limited to single entrance and exit control, and it also requires that it not only can be applied to the entrance control control, attendance management, security alarm, parking control, elevator control, building automation, etc. in Intelligent Building or the intelligent community, and other control functions such as linkage control of other systems.

According to the relevant industry, traditional personal identification methods can not fully meet the needs of modern social economic activities and social security precautions. Judging from the elimination of human insecurity factors, only identification documents that are not easily replaced by others, copied or even can not be transferred by themselves can be competent. Therefore, from ease of use, safety,

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