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The application of intelligent security in smart home

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n recent years, more and more incidents of fires, gas leaks and nanny abuse have been reported at home, and these are totally avoidable. If we try to rush through the accident afterwards, or if we wait for clues, we will cause irreparable damage.

How important is family security? Some people compare it to insurance, and think that it is useful if there is something wrong. This idea has created a wrong logic: there are no accidents at home, so it is practically useless. The fundamental reason for this is that we do not really understand the smart home, nor do we have a correct understanding of the importance and necessity of family security.

Data show that 90% family adults will walk half way away when cooking, 60% will often go away; 70% families have no smoke alarm, 23% never heard of it; 30% family kitchen connected power electrical appliances on the wiring board, and 12% often the same. It can be seen that many families have more or less security risks. Once these hidden dangers are revealed, the result will be very serious.

How to improve and build home security, through high-tech equipment early detection of danger, avoid accidents, reduce the damage to the minimum, the urgent need for intelligent security equipment. Based on the actual situation, the use of smoke sensors, gas leakage detectors, intelligent gate magnetic inductor and so on can effectively realize the early detection and early prevention of fire danger, gas leakage, and outsider invasion.

The application of intelligent security equipment in home
In smart home, the application of intelligent security is mainly reflected in three aspects: monitoring, anti-theft and fire warning.
1, home monitoring
The commonly used device is the smart camera, which is used to monitor the situation in real time, and users can view the changes at home anytime and anywhere by mobile phone. In addition to remote viewing, smart cameras also have the functions of human motion detection alarm, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, high-definition playback and so on.
2. Fire warning
This kind of equipment is mainly used for family fire protection and explosion protection, the common equipment has smoke sensor, gas leak detector, intelligent switch and so on. They will send out alarm when the smoke or gas can reach a certain concentration, or automatically cut off the power to avoid the fire, and not let the user know after the incident.
3. Family burglar theft
Anti-theft equipment, including human activities and door and window switch induction equipment, such as infrared intrusion detector, door and window magnetic, intelligent door lock, and so on, these devices in the system fortification state, can induce people to enter, doors and windows open to alarm, and timely transfer the abnormal situation to the user's mobile phone, to protect the family. And the purpose of the property. In particular, intelligent door locks, which are convenient, safe and interactive, do not have to be afraid of thieves or keys.
First of all, from the perspective of space area, the security settings at gate, window and other juncture are essential.
Equipment: intelligent door lock, intelligent camera, infrared intrusion detector, intelligent door sensor, etc.
Secondly, from the point of view of life demand, "fire, gas, water, electricity" is the basic demand of life, but sometimes it will become an unstable factor, so it needs to be tested.
Equipment: smoke sensor and gas leak detector.
Finally, a single device can no longer play a role in intelligence, and it needs a commanding officer to co-ordinate management.
Device: intelligent gateway host, mobile APP, cloud.
HOSmart Ecosystem
In the name of the family, it is a family security ecosystem, which integrates gate magnetic sensors, infrared intrusion detectors, and smart cameras and so on. It is a security line for home and abroad.
Compared with a single intelligent device, its bright spot is that it can customize the family security linkage. For example, the infrared intrusion detector and the door and window sensors are all abnormal. At this time, the user will not only receive the alarm information, but also be reminded to quickly collect the camera to remotely view the home security situation.
HOSmart Ecosystem, not a simple combination of equipment, to carry out simple induction and alarm, to achieve the reasonable integration of all kinds of equipment and deep support, it is the magic of it.

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