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Monitoring and control of "security" in intelligent house

Date:2018/05/02  Click:220 times
Configuration: intelligent master control, intelligent door lock, intelligent cat eye, intelligent camera, hard disk video recorder, human infrared sensor, glass broken sensor, vibration sensor, gate magnetic switch sensor, water sensor, smoke sensor, gas (gas) intelligent control device, intelligent window opening device, intelligent switch, intelligent sockets and so on.

Function: an omni-directional security monitoring system, which can realize remote monitoring, comprehensive intrusion prevention of residential buildings, real-time detection and alarm of doors and windows, damage alarm of house facilities, prevention and control of human body intrusion alarm, detection of hidden dangers to the local sound and light or language alarm, and the invasion and control of personnel far away from the key areas, and the realization of outsiders. The residential intrusion warning, intrusion warning, intrusion alert, intrusion alarm, alarm and other multi-level remote information prevention and control functions, and can also achieve residential fire protection, gas (gas) concentration over limit alarm and shut off gas supply valves, water flooding events automatically shut down the water supply valve and alarm, fire occurrence and gas super. It can automatically open or close the window or exhaust fan and the anti-theft door all directional control, in addition to realizing the fingerprint unlock of the anti-theft door, the induction card unlocking, the password unlocking, the spare key unlocking, the remote control unlocking, the remote authorization unlocking, the linkage scene unlocking and so on, can also carry on the omni-directional monitoring to the anti-theft door area. The intelligent scene mode can realize the comprehensive control of various security precautions on the basis of security precaution.

Advantages: multi-layer automatic prevention and control of residential intelligence, multi-function monitoring and control of doors and windows, comprehensive control of natural disasters in the family, key prevention and control of the outside area of burglar security door, scene mode security prevention facilities execution, personnel invading infrared detection function and real-time video surveillance function, with high security performance and stable performance of equipment.

The people's living environment is different, the economic conditions are different, and the family personnel are different, which makes the configuration requirements of the housing security system completely different for each family. This requires the implementation of the "personalized customization" scheme in the housing security configuration.

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