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How to maintain and maintain safety control

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During the use of security equipment, there will also be various problems, causing unnecessary trouble for us. We need to check and maintain equipment and lines regularly. Such as: line, alarm equipment, monitoring software, hard disk recorder equipment, etc.

The contents of the maintenance service are as follows:

1, alarm signal line, video signal line, camera PTZ control circuit detection, troubleshooting, hidden trouble investigation.

2, all interface, line interface solder joint detection, video head replacement and so on.

3. Lens cleaning, equipment dedusting, position adjustment, equipment maintenance and replacement, troubleshooting and so on.

4, double detector detector, location adjustment, detector maintenance and replacement, troubleshooting and so on.

5. Alarm host and its accessory equipment testing, equipment dedusting, area adjustment, troubleshooting, etc.

6, monitoring host equipment detection, equipment dedusting, system maintenance, equipment maintenance, system expansion, troubleshooting and so on.

7, monitoring software testing, software upgrading, software maintenance, data backup, troubleshooting and so on.

8. System data backup.

Inspection Service

1, every two quarters of the equipment dedusting, cleaning, cleaning the monitoring equipment exposed dust, the camera, protective cover and other components to be unloaded thoroughly blowing dust, after the use of anhydrous alcohol cotton to clean the lens, adjust the clarity, to prevent the machine operation, static and other factors to dust dust inhalation monitoring equipment In the body, make sure the machine runs normally. At the same time check the monitoring room ventilation, heat dissipation, dust, power supply and other facilities.

2, according to the use of various parts of the security monitoring and control system, every two quarters test its technical parameters and the quality of the transmission line of the monitoring system, deal with the hidden trouble, assist the supervisor to set various data such as the use level, so as to ensure that all parts of the equipment have good functions and can run normally.

3, the easy ageing of the security monitoring components every quarter inspection, once the phenomenon of aging should be timely replaced, maintenance, such as video head, light and so on.

4, the security monitoring equipment for long time work regularly every two quarters, such as the monitoring host long time work will produce more heat, once the fan has trouble, it will affect the heat discharge, so as to avoid the abnormal work of monitoring the host.

5, monitor the operation of the security monitoring system, analyze the operation, detect and troubleshoot in time.

6, according to the frequent occurrence of users' monitoring and alarm system or wherever possible, put forward daily maintenance and daily use suggestions.

Remote service

The simple problem of temporary use, operation, or other non - malfunction can be directly contacted by the service engineer by telephone to seek solutions, methods of operation and technical guidance.

Field service

During the maintenance period, all the equipment of the monitoring and alarm system (such as monitoring host, camera, decoder, alarm host, double detector, sound, light alarm, etc.) is damaged under normal use and is responsible for replacement. The means of maintenance of equipment and accessories shall be undertaken by the designated party in the maintenance contract. After repair, report the problem and the result to the user, submit the maintenance report and sign by the user and keep the record.

Problems existing in the use of equipment should be explained clearly and correctly used, and reasonable suggestions should be put forward.

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